About D&A Oven Cleaners

D&A Oven Cleaning provide oven cleaning services to customers in Dudley, Birmingham, Stourbridge, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove and Wolverhampton. D&A Oven Cleaning was established in 2006 and has been providing professional oven cleaning services to domestic and commercial customers.

Our fully trained oven cleaning operatives specialise in the cleaning of ovens, hobs, extractor fans, AGAS,range and stove, microwaves and BBQ’s.


Oven Cleaning Prices

We provide affordable oven cleaning services. Our oven cleaning prices are fixed and as such you don’t have to expect any hidden charges.


Why choose D&A Oven Cleaning?

Here are some of the reason why you should hire oven cleaning professional to clean your oven.


    We are fully trained and professional oven cleaners


    We only use ECO friendly cleaning products to clean your oven

  • Less Grease

    The cleaning process will remove grease, fat and burnt on carbon deposits.

  • Replacement Bulbs and Extractor Filters

    We can supply replacement bulbs and extractor filters.

  • All Types of Ovens

    We can clean all types of ovens, including Ranges and Agas. We also clean hobs, shelves and trays, extractors and microwaves

We can clean ovens, hobs, shelves and trays, extractors and microwaves in approximately two hours and around three hours for Range Ovens and Agas. This will be determined by the amount of cleaning required to have your oven looking as close to new as possible.

Why pay for professional oven cleaning services?

One of the most popular questions I get asked is why would someone pay to get there oven cleaned??

Well here are the reasons why the sensible people get the professional in when you take in to consideration the cost of cleaning your own oven you will see why.

  • Oven Pride £4 to £5
  • Mr Muscle £4 to £5
  • New Clothes £1.50
  • Wire Pads £1
  • Glass Cleaner £4
  • New Glass for Oven if you Break it £65 to £100

2-3hrs of your time doing the worst job in the house £££££. Plus the smells off the above products will stink your kitchen and your house out for days.

And even then will you get it as clean as a professional oven cleaner??

When you think it only costs from £35 to clean your oven, (we also leave no smell and no mess) it starts to become a no brainer and that’s the reason why the sensible people pay for D&A Oven cleaning services.

Contact us for all your oven cleaning enquirers or give us a call on 0777 992 1439.